Our Story

Silk & Salt

Our brand originates from history. The Silk and Salt trades were some of the most historical and revolutionary creations that led to the modern world we live in today. Here at Silk & Salt, we aim to create revolutionary designs that honor the needs of the modern woman with special emphasis on the history of fashion. We believe every woman has a little bit of Silk & Salt in them.

Silk represents the woman within us, she's beautiful, loving, softhearted and timeless. While Salt represents our inner sass,strength, spice of life and wittiness. We encapsulate all aspects of the woman in our brand, in order to bring her an effortlessly timeless & trendy closet.

We stand for classy, premium, affordable, innovative fashion. We are a team of creators, who believe two minds are better than one. Our open floor studio space keeps the work environment highly effective and communication - friendly. If you happen to overhear something said inside of our work space, it would probably be: "Customer first, everything else second".

Join us on our historical mission and always feel free to give us your feedback.

The Design

We believe that every woman is strong & deserves sophisticated, versatile & classy clothing that would make her feel elevated & her most confident in every adventure she embarks on, whether it’s for her jam-packed workday, or her sparkling night out.

Our mission is to provide women with looks that are effortless in its transformation from day to night. When our in-house design team begins dreaming up the concept for the next collection, they first establish how their designs will accentuate and celebrate the natural feminine figure, all while being unique and comfortable. They take into consideration the modern woman’s need for stitch-perfect clothing, she can wear repetitively, and never feel repetitive in. Most of all, we shape our brand to be filled with refreshing designs that empower you as they become your timeless, go-to staple closet pieces.


Our fabrics are hand chosen, from their durability, to softness, sustainability, to print fashion. We believe that when a garment is nice, every woman will want it twice, or even thrice.
Which is why our designs are created in a vast palette of prints and colors. After perfecting the design of the garment, our in-house design team spends their time experimenting with a multitude of fabric types to find just the right ones to really elevate the garment from just another piece in your closet, to your “I Just can’t live without this piece.” We aim to use fabrics that are rich in their feel, eye-catching in their nature, and above all, make you feel comfortable as you embark on your day.



Since launching Silk & Salt, we’ve made it our mission to start a brand that would transcend the popular online shopping experience with an improved concept of collaborative shopping. In other words, if our community voices it, we listen & create it. We design our collections to be in-line with the needs of the modern, independent, strong woman, and therefore, are always looking towards our community when deciding if to make garments in additional prints and colors. Our dream and vision is to empower women around the world to be strong, have self belief, and to develop good inner relationships all through fashion.