Top 5 Must Do’s Before Bed

One of our missions at Silk and Salt, is to make our women look and feel their best, beyond the beautiful bohemian clothing we offer online. Following the launch of our newest collection: Lounge Out Loud, we started a dialog with our community about what they are up to at home. The feedback we got was mixed and really got us thinking about how 2020 has been an overly stressful year. With all this stress, we believe that every woman should prioritize taking care of herself, starting with her nightly routine. 

Therefore, we’re excited to share with you our Top 5 Must Do’s Before Bed to make your stressful routine so much more relaxing. These tips are proven to help you sleep better, be more energized during the day and just get into a more positive state of mind. So, make space for an extra hour from your busy day to upgrade your nightly routine.

 First and foremost: Detach, turn off all your social media and give your thumbs a break from all the scrolling. The blue light you’re consuming from all the screens suppresses the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that’s in charge of your biological clock and makes you sleepy. So take a break from the electronic devices and do these 4 things instead, and you’re guaranteed a better night sleep. 

Late night cravings - be mindful of what you’re consuming before bed. Nutritionists recommend to avoid eating around 3 hours before you go to bed and to consume less carbs at dinner. This doesn’t mean you should go to sleep hungry just pay attention to when and what you’re eating for dinner. Having a glass of a caffeine-free tea before bed can help you satisfy those late-night sugar cravings.  

Skin care! Skin care is so important, it helps your skin stay young, fresh and rejuvenated! An effective routine will assure that you look your best, by helping prevent acne, wrinkles and scarring. With thousands of skin care products online it can be so tricky to choose and know what’s best for you:

Luckily, Allure’s skin Care routine quiz is here to help and guide you to what works best for your skin. When the quiz is done, you’ll receive results detailing the best skin care products for you. Happy Quizzing :) >>>

Stretch, even if you don’t have time for a spare hour for yoga every day, give yourself these few minutes to stretch, we promise you’ll never regret moving your body and flowing especially if you’ve spent all day sitting down at the office. If you’re up for it, maybe even add a quick meditation session with the calm application. This will increase your flexibility, decrease any back pains, and have you feeling more energetic. To jumpstart your new mini-yoga lifestyle, we recommend watching this “Easy Bedtime Yoga” video by our favorite yogi channel, Boho Beautiful. --

Reflect & Write. Dedicate your last few minutes before going to sleep to reflect on your day. Ask yourself what you achieved today that was on your to do list & write down your goals for tomorrow. Jot down the things that made you feel grateful and don’t be so hard on yourself! This activity is the perfect way to let your stream of consciousness flow and unwind before you close your eyes for a good night’s sleep. 

Thank you for joining us on our new sleep routine, we hope you will try out our good night sleep recipe and let us know if it worked for you. We absolutely love receiving your feedback, thanks and once again, welcome to our community @ Shop silk and salt.

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