Accessories have the power of taking your outfit and your confidence to the next level. Even a simple outfit with the perfect bag and the right earrings and necklaces can take your outfit from boring to perfect!

Image one: The Mesh Silver Earrings can be worn for a night out or to the office. They are a statement piece that can take your outfit and your confidence to the next level.

Image two: The Show Golden Earrings are perfect to go with a casual outfit. It’s delicate design does not take away from its impact.

Image three: Layers! Layers! Layers! Throw on a dainty necklace and then throw on two more! A monochrome or more minimal outfit with layers of necklaces fills in an empty space and takes your look from boring to beautiful. Also, check out the classic hoops our model is wearing, a staple accessory every girl should own. 

necklaces: The Dots Gold Necklace, Golden Drops Necklace

hoops: Poly Hoop Earrings

Image four: The Land Down Under Tote is not only beautiful but so convenient. It will hold all your necessities whether you’re headed to the beach or to the cafe.

Silk & Salt accessories are made for you. They will offer you versatility, power, and confidence. Make sure to check out the links to any of the accessories you find beautiful!

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