Home Resort: Where To & What We're Wearing

We don't know about you, but here at Silk and Salt we've been non-stop day dreaming about our destination summer vacations, and of course, what we'll be wearing. Although any excursion seems like a distant fantasy right now, you really don't have to travel much further than the living room to check into your very own Home Resort! 
Introducing our "Home Resort" edit -  Our favorite pieces that will get you feeling like you're on vacation, whether you're tanning in front of the computer screen or sitting in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine. Here's our breakdown of our top shopper's destinations and the outfits they're wearing in their Home Resort.  
 Our first Home Resort destination is the fiery Miami, Florida.  
As the Miami heat starts turning up, we're looking for easy going boho chic clothing we can wear at our home resort now and on our dream vacation later. For anyone who doesn't live in Miami, and wants to find out more about this smokin' hot city, check out the official Miami Beaches Travel Guide
Crop Circle Tote Bag  - On Sale for $67 
The Travel Co-Ord Set - From $64 

 We're headed to the West Coast to check out Los Angeles, California.

  When we think Los Angeles, we instantly envision beautiful Palm trees, beaches and boho fashion. Therefore when checking into your LA Home Resort stay, we know you'll want to wear an outfit that is just as boho as it is glitz and glamour. If you're totally sold on LA and want to vacation there in the future, we recommend checking in with the Discover LA Complete insiders' Guide. 

Next Stop - New York City

Start spreading the news, we're staying in today! New York, New York.... Normally during the summer we head straight to the Hamptons from the city, but this year presents a new type of vacation opportunity for us! The Home Resort vacation of your NYC dreams is here with great tops for women, shorts and heels! You don't need to leave your cozy apartment to start having fun in NYC.  

Lace-Up Snake Heel - $62
The Penny Bermuda Shorts - On sale for $56
Free Flow Top - On sale for $47


Say Hello to The Beautiful Sites of Hawaii! 

Our next destination vacation for Home Resort lands us next to the spectacular beaches of Hawaii. Although we're inside our home, peaking out, we already dreamt up our perfect look for walking by the beach and eating yummy Hawaiian Poke. If you're craving some sea life, check out Hawaii's Official Guide

 The Shell Earrings -  $16
Hamptons Summer Dress - $68

 Our Last Stop: San Francisco, California   
Last, but definitely not least, is our city of love, San francisco. A city with a lot of life and energy just like NYC, which is why we're so excited to check into our Home Resort. For this last location we want a look that will stand out above all the colors of the city, and therefore we navigated ourselves towards a neutral color palette and light accessories. And once we check out of our home resort, we're sure to check out San Francisco's dreamy attractions list


 We hope you enjoy your upcoming local Staycation

& Make sure to check out the entire Home Resort Collection 

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