In the midst of the Corona pandemic,  there is not one person who is not having to make huge adjustments due to the virus. Many people are being forced to work from home, which at first glance seems pleasant but in reality is much more challenging. Many of you may be struggling with working from home, finding yourselves frustrated, alone, and lazy. As the pandemic continues to spread so is the procrastination and laziness. However, we need to remember that this pandemic is something that everyone is adjusting to and the key to getting through it is to stay positive and thankful. Many have lost loved ones, jobs, lives, and have been left devastated by COVID-19, and if you are among those people, we urge you to stay strong. Whether your city is on complete lockdown or you are socially distancing, let us motivate each other to stay productive and not lose our sanity and talents to the contagiousness of negativity and laziness. So here are some tips to stay productive while working from home!

  1. Set Boundaries: with a lack of structure and work environment, you may find yourself either overworking yourself and not taking any breaks or not working at all, struggling to get out of bed or off of Netflix. So set boundaries, a schedule to follow so that when you’re working you’re working and when you’re relaxing, you’re relaxing. Explain to family members that you’re working during this time and can’t be bothered. Close your door away from the TV and pets. Sit down and pretend you’re at your normal office!
  2. Put on your PRODUCTIVITY OUTFIT: you may not be going to the office and you may not have to wear a suit anymore, but what you surround yourself with sets your mood! This means clean space and clean fits. Wake up, make your bed, do your makeup, put on your CHILL WORK OUTFIT, grab your coffee, and get to work! Check out how these pieces were styled to be the perfect at home office outfit.
  3. Last but not least, don't forget to celebrate your wins: change is hard but you’re killing it, so remember to celebrate what you were able to get done! Treat yourself to a break, remember to wash your hands, and even though you’re practicing social distancing, don’t be socially distant! Call loved ones and check in on your friends.

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