Hello ladies! Here at Silk and Salt we love mixing matching and creating our own outfits, we love to take the time and create the perfect outfit each morning before we start our day, a task known to be very time consuming and not easy for every woman. So, if you often find yourself rushing out in the morning and feeling like your outfit could’ve looked a little better, we're here to help! We're happy to introduce you to our stylist fashion corner where we'll give you the 101 on styling tips and tricks that every boho fashion lover needs. First on the agenda, is our Best Selling, One- Size-Fits-All, wonder dress, The Go With The Flow.

Since first launching on our website in Black, the dress has sold out instantly and we received many requests to create the dress in more colors. And there's nothing we like to do more than to listen to our Silk and Salt Fashion bohemian shoppers. The dress is now available in Cloud White, Enchanted Green, Champaign, Rusted Orange, Lovely Lavender, Canary Yellow, Olive Green, Pastel Pink, and Powder Blue. Additionally, the dress transformed into a Mini Go With The Flow in the colors Black & Beige. Conclusively, we're excited to show you our favorite ways to complete these looks and of course get your feedback as always!

Our best seller- The Black Go With The Flow Maxi, this dress is the ultimate chameleon it can go from fancy to casual in seconds and that’s all credits to the accessories we match with it. We love this dress for a night out or even a wedding and therefore we'll be matching it with the CLASSIC JAXON CHOKER and a pair of our favorite TRIANGULAR SILVER EARRINGS, the silver jewelry will have the dress looking even more elegant and classy.

The perfect little black dress! Everyone needs one of these Mini Go With The Flow dresses in their closet. It's the perfect go to dress for a night out with the gals! This dress is so easy to style, to complete your look we suggest matching it with some LACE-UP SNAKE HEEL add the LARGE GOLDEN HOOP, and voila you’re ready to go!

A stunning dress to stand out for Fall time, we love to match this Pastel Pink Go With The Flow Dress with some daytime gold jewelry: The DAYTRIPPER HOOP EARRINGS and the beautiful SET FOR LIFE NECKLACE to add a little more color to the mix! To top it off, just add the LIGHT RIVER JEAN JACKET and you’re good to go!

Who doesn’t love a white flowy dress in the Fall? In order to add to The Cloud White Go With The Flow's chicness, pair it with the AVALON HOOP EARRINGS and the comfy STRAW PLATFORM ESPADRILLES, giving this look a bit of an edgy twist.

The perfect dress for a day out and about! So stylish and yet so comfy! We love mixing this Olive Green Go With The Flow dress with brown shades to complete the look, so add a big brown bag- LAND DOWN UNDER TOTE, some classy lace sandals -GOLDEN GIRL LACE-UP SANDALS and your look is complete and fabulous!


As you can probably see by now the Go With The Flow dress can go from elegant to casual, from day to night, and from street to chic within seconds and it is all up to you! So, we would love it if you’d give us your feedback on our styling and send us photos showing your personal take on how you accessorize our best seller the Go With The Flow Dress.

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