In this confusing, frustrating, and devastating time of change, everyone around the world is having to make adjustments to their lives: people have lost jobs, been kicked out of university dorms, have been quarantined for over three months, have faced brutal racism and hate crimes, and have even lost loved ones. As frustrating and devastating this time is, the coronavirus is making people remember the importance of community and appreciate the silver linings in this dark time. While most of the world is on government issued lockdown, students have taken their studies to Zoom, and employees are also working from home, and though social distancing has been required of all of us, it seems that no one is being socially distant. For the first time in a while people are appreciating each other’s company so much more and are not taking time with friends or the ability to go outside for granted. When this whole pandemic passes and lockdown is no longer enforced, I think we will see more intentional relationships. Maybe we will see less people on their phones while sitting across from their friend at a cafe. Maybe students and employees will never complain about going to their campus or office again. Maybe we will treat our parents and grandparents better and call them more. Maybe we will hug our friends more, love our communities more intentionally, and never take for granted the ability to do so. 

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