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Silk & Salt Dresses One of the most common questions we receive daily is
"Which size should I order?" 
This is why we bring you free shipping and free returns. Here is the answer from Schimiggy 
"All their pieces run true to size (with the exception of the Go With the Flow dresses and Bali Jumpsuit which are one size styles). There is no need to size up or down. We recommend using their size guide to find your perfect fit. I found that their one size styles fit like a medium US. I am a size 6 US for reference"

Another common question is about our fabrics. Let me tell you something, when the Silk meets the Salt, the stars align, and the rest is history hahaha... the story of how Silk & Salt was born is for another time. For now, here is the review of Alex about our quality.

"The fabrics and stitching on each piece are made very well! You can definitely see the quality of each piece when worn..."

If you want to know more about Silk & Salt I recommend you to read more in Schimiggy blog

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