Final Call for Florals!


It's been 16 years since the box office smash The Devil Wears Prada originally aired and took our fashion loving hearts to the next level of addiction. Here at Silk & Salt we are all boho fashion obsessed and work towards being the brand that assists women with developing their own style that fits their lifestyle best and truly reflects their one-of-a-kind personality. Therefore, for us, there's nothing sweeter than watching as Andy, our lovable journalist turned fashion victim, forges her way in the fashion industry and develops her own high-fashion style. And while we love Andy, our favorite character is, and always will be, Miranda Priestly. There's just something riveting about her unapologetic fashion demeanor and witty comebacks that get us laughing again and again no matter how many years pass.

So naturally we decided to rewatch the movie as a team, to get the laughter going before the weekend. And while we were rewatching the film, we realized that with all the love and respect in the world for Miranda, there's just one sentence that doesn't sit right with us! During one of the funniest scenes, Miranda Priestly cancels all florals with the claim "Florals for Spring, Groundbreaking." But we all know that florals in the boho fashion world are a must and the true core of this style.

Our truth is that florals are timeless and therefore we're excited to announce a Florals Final Call Sale! We want to shine a light on all our amazing floral pieces before they all sell out! So here is the breakdown our top florals for life outfits!  

 Bonjour Buttercup Maxi Dress 

Destination: Paris! our BONJOUR BUTTERCUP maxi dress presents the perfect dress to pack for your next romantic adventure. Whether it’s to a picnic or cocktails at a trendy bar, this dress will have you feeling all the romance in the air. 



The floral fantasy inspiration is evident in the Blooming Love Dress. With its floral print and ruffled hemlines, this dress will have feeling lovely with every activity summer has in store for you.


The Sun is starting to shine and the weather is heating up, which means it’s time for the In the Sun Maxi Dress to become your favorite new flirty dress! This dress is perfection when paired with pumps and layered gold jewelry.

It’s almost Summer time, and all you want to feel is young, wild and free. The In Full Bloom Wrap Dress is here to bring all those feelings to life! Pair this dress with lace-up sandals, layered gold jewelry, and a trendy handbag for the perfect summertime look.

It’s evening time, you’re at an outside event and all eyes are on you. And that’s because you stepped out wearing the Wild Bloom Maxi Dress. Complete this look by adding heeled sandals and layered gold jewelry

Mother Nature called and she wants her dress back! The Spring Sisters Floral Midi Dress is both flirty and one with nature! Pair it with heeled booties, a tote bag, and gold jewelry to be the flower that gets picked first.

The Summer Lovin’ Ruffle Skirt and Summer Lovin' Top . This co-ord outfit is perfectly designed to be flirty, flowy and hit above the knee. To complete this lovely look, pair it up with hip sunglasses and lace-up sandals.

Last but not least in our Floral Final Call sale, we have the Summer Fling ruffle dress that is both flowy, fun, and designed for every day or night time activity. Dress this look up or down by adding sandals for daytime, and heels for nighttime.


Which are your favorite floral pieces? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven't seen The Devil Wears Prada, what are you waiting for? 

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