Essensial Tips For the Perfect Summer Picnic

Summer is finally here! The weather is getting (a lot) warmer, and nature is calling. Let the sun wash over you and fill your soul with love, happiness, and gratitude. It is time to check a summer dress online, pack some food and a blanket and go on a picnic.  

Planning the perfect picnic could be tricky. There are many things to remember to bring and do so you'll have the best and most delicious day. The fresh air, the food, the company, It doesn't get any better than this.

That's why we break down the most essential parts of the best picnic:

To be honest, this is the most crucial part. Your outfit could make or break your picnic as you don't want to be shaking and freezing or sweating because of the heat. The perfect picnic outfit is comfy and light. You should check out online clothing stores like Silk and Salt and find your ideal summer dress online.  

Our GO WITH THE FLOW dress is soft, flowy, and lightweight. That makes it perfect for a picnic day.  

You can also pair our TOMBOY ULTRA-SOFT SHORTS with a DREAMY TANK TOP for a chic look.  

Nevertheless, you'll want to finish the look with soft and comfortable sandals like the EAST SIDE SANDALS.  

 We all have this magical idea for the perfect picnic location. Unfortunately, many times you won't be able to throw your blanket under a weeping willow or on the banks of a picturesque stream.  

 A good picnic is calming and an opportunity to get in touch with yourself, your loved ones, and nature. That's why the picnic's location is so important. The best places to have a picnic are a beach, a green park, a floral garden, or if you are adventurous — a mountain top.

You should pick your location ahead of time. Nothing ruins a picnic more than feeling grumpy after carrying your basket and gear around looking for that “perfect spot” for a while. A picnic should be fun and calming not an aggravated cardio activity.  

 What is a picnic without food? It doesn't sound fun. The best picnic food is cool, light, and refreshing. Your basket should have a bottle of wine like Ruggeri's 2019 Prosecco Rose Brut, fresh juice, sandwiches, and fresh pastries from the Buttery in Atlanta, GA. If you're looking to make the food yourself, Love & Lemons have great recipes for your next picnic.  

 Also, keep it interesting:

Your food needs to be easy to eat. Finger food is the way to go.  

Avoid ice cream, cakes, and everything sweet, sticky, fragile, and/or that could melt. It will probably just make a big mess. Plus, bees and other insects love this kind of food.  

Speaking of baskets. They are also essential. You need to carry your food and drinks somehow… you'll want to go for a chic, rustic basket that will make you feel like you're in the movie UP. Luckily for you, Pottery barn has the perfect basket. You could also opt for a straw bag, like our stylish and elegant COURTNEY TOTE that is a great bag for your day-to-day needs.  

Bonus tip: keep it light.

You might have to walk a distance so make sure your basket, blanket, food, and utensils are all easy to carry.   

Plus, you should plan ahead of time what will you bring so by the end of the picnic you won't feel hungry on the one hand but also won't have to carry everything back on the other hand.   

A basket is not complete without a comfy blanket. The soft fabric prevents you from sitting on the itchy grass and from staining your pants. You should check out this Camco Classic waterproof blanket from Amazon for your next picnic.

There's nothing like sharing food, drinks, and stories with your loved one under the warm sun. The key to the perfect picnic is having the best people with you. It could be your S/O, your friends, or even just by yourself. Grab a good book like Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls by T Kira Madden. The book is fun and perfect for Pride & summer or maybe take a fascinating coloring book for relaxation with you.

Your company will also help you pick the right time, location, and theme for the picnic. A picnic at the beach at sunset is perfect with your S/O while a picnic in the park at noon is best when you're with kids. A picnic with your S/O or friends will need more sophisticated food.  


We wish you a happy summer. Don't forget to clean after yourself, throw away your trash, and leave your picnic location as clean as it was when you came.  

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