Beyoncé Birthday Beats 🎧

All hail the Queen B! It's that time of year again, where we all stand in awe of Beyoncé's flawlessness, as she gets another year wiser, more beautiful and older. We can't even begin to describe our love and appreciation for Beyoncé ❤︎ She's the ultimate triple threat, or should be say quadruple threat... Being a triple threat means you have reached a level of excellence in the worlds of music, dancing, and acting. Which Beyoncé has surely surpassed any and every expectation the audience has for a triple threat. From her incredible vocals, to catchy & uplifting smash hit songs, to her unparalleled performances. According to the official List of awards - Beyoncé has actually won 418 awards + an unrivaled 804 nominations! 

 Credit : Queen B performing at the grammy's 2017 - INSIDER

But In order to be a quadruple threat like Beyoncé, you have to take on another world- the world of fashion. Which Beyoncé has been doing since 2016, when she launched IVY PARK, after her daughter's name. Recently, Adidas and IVY PARK launched a stunning collab (pictured below)! Although the clothing isn't boho fashion aka boho clothing, like our own Silk and Salt, We can't say we aren't eagerly awaiting each and every collection drop from the queen! We're sure that one day Queen B will see Silk and Salt clothing and bring out her bohemian woman side! 

Credit: IVY PARK X Adidas Collab 2019 - BUSTLE

 In cheers of Beyoncé 's birthday, we created the ultimate Bae playlist for all our die hard Bee Hive fans! So we hope you enjoy our playlist, and let us know which other artists you love! (even if they aren't a quadruple threat like Bae)  

Link to Playlist - Beyoncé Birthday Beats 🎧

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